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Using georeferenced wood samples to verify timber origin and species.

All timber has unique scientific attributes that can help identify where it was harvested. With WorldForestID we make this information available to help companies and authorities perform good due diligence and help protect our forests.

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We now invite you to particpate in our mission by joining us in collecting samples from the forests that are of interest to you.

The story so far

We have reinvented how sample collection is done at scale on a global level.

global effort

The World Forest ID is a global consortium of renowned organisations.

We are reinventing how science can be used to verify the legal origin of timber. 

All timber has unique attributes that can help identify where it was harvested. The chemical composition of the wood can be used to prove that timber is actually harvested from where it is claimed.

For example, verification can easily be done through comparison of any given timber’s isotope profile with that of wood collected from area of harvest.

This does require that we have verified location of wood samples from all forests around the globe to use as a reference database. Samples are collected by independent third parties and made available for science, due diligence and enforcement.

We are making that a reality by building the world’s largest geo-referenced wood sample collection.

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